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and a National Leader in Math Competitions Training

If you are looking for the absolute highest quality of math homework help, test prep, or contest training, you’ve come to the right place! We offer all of our services both in person and online to help you master any subject in 7-12+ math. We provide math homework help, math test prep for the ACT, SAT, AP Calculus and Statistics and more, and training for competitions such as the AMCs and MATHCOUNTS.

Learn exactly why we're the very best at what we do. 

Personally tutored over 1150 math students of all backgrounds.

Consistently produced near miraculous results for his students, not only in terms of grades and scores, but also by permanently elevating students’ logical reasoning abilities and helping them to develop a strong appreciation for math! For more on our students' results, check out our Homework Help and Test Prep pages, as well as our incredible testimonials!

Traveled the world to experience Russian, Japanese (Kumon), Hungarian, American, and other superior math-instructional methods.

Remarkably effective teaching philosophy. Igor believes that the only way to truly improve in math is to have a deep intuitive understanding of the material rather than memorization. Our results speak for themselves.

Completed projects for Pearson and Chegg, two industry-leading math software companies.

Invested years developing The Solve It! Learning System, a highly adapative software package that provides each student with his/her own virtual world-class private math tutor.  The Solve It! tutoring center is equipped with a content-development room, including a professional-quality 4K video filming studio.


Many tutoring services claim to have "the best" tutors. Unfortunately, these tutors are usually nothing more than smart local college students/graduates who have no training, and little if any tutoring experience. This is NOT how we work at Solve It!

We employ two types of tutors:

1. Highly skilled mathematicians and educators who, in addition to possessing excellent initial qualifications, had to pass Igor’s rigorous selection and training process.

• Extensive prior math tutoring/teaching experience

• Deep and comprehensive understanding of 7-12+ math

• Completion of a 20-hour training program on all of the best practice teaching methods that Igor has spent 30,000+ hours refining

• A teaching philosophy centered around the belief that the best way to learn math is to focus on deep intuitive understanding rather than memorization

• A serious desire to work at Solve It! for years to come and help us make America's math education great again!


2. The very best of Igor’s own current and former students

• Having spent years personally tutoring and training with Igor, each student has an intimate knowledge of Igor's best-practice teaching methods and an exceptionally deep understanding of secondary math.

• Because of all the work they have completed with Igor, our tutors have all had perfect scores on their ACT/SAT math, SAT math subject tests, and AP Calculus BC, as well as passed the AMC 10 or 12.

• They were top students in their school and usually among the top math students in their state. Each tutor has developed a deeper intuitive understanding of math than any of their peers, as well as the vast majority of high school math teachers.


Each new student is carefully paired with the Solve It! tutor who will best match his or her needs, schedule, budget, and personality.

Simple and highly effective note-taking system, which allows tutors to quickly fill in gaps in students’ knowledge, while only needing to teach each concept or problem type once.

The Solve It! Learning System efficiently and adaptively fills in the gaps in the student's math knowledge. This guarantees that every student receives perfectly individualized training for a deep, long-lasting understanding for each topic that he/she struggles on for free.

A carefully curated collection of textbooks which is effective for supplemental learning, extra homework, test prep, and even comprehensive privately-taught math courses.

Students are encouraged to be self-sufficient by doing as much of the work as possible on their own. We teach students not to use tutors as a crutch, but to use them when they have trouble learning a topic on their own. This allows students to gain the full benefits of tutoring, while teaching them healthy study habits and saving you money!

The true foundation of our approach is simply to teach math the right way. The uniquely effective best-practice math teaching techniques that Igor has developed allow students to learn in a way that is intuitive, efficient and permanent.


Versatile online classroom for when students (or tutors) are located outside of St. Louis or simply prefer to learn from the comfort of their homes. Our classroom includes audio, video, a dynamic whiteboard, and recordable lessons. Because our online classroom offers all of the benefits of in-person tutoring, our online students can expect to see the same results!

In-person tutoring at our Learning Center or at the students' homes (*includes small driving fee).

Engaging, stylish main classroom for one-on-one tutoring, group tutoring sessions and even full-sized classes. Our tables have writeable, custom-cut glass tops, which allow students to scribble all over them during their lessons. These tables are not only lots of fun, but also a highly effective learning tool.

Comfortable waiting area, free-wifi, and a great selection of complementary drinks and snacks. Being well-versed in educational psychology, Igor helps students to build the most positive possible associations with learning math. As a result, his students eagerly look forward to coming to the Solve It! Learning Center because it is a enjoyable and exciting experience all around!

Centrally located in Ladue, right off of Highway 40. We are walking distance from Ladue High School and Ladue Middle School, and just minutes away from Clayton High School, John Burroughs School, MICDS, Visitation Academy, Villa Duchesne, Priory, De Smet and others.


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Pricing for each of our highly-qualified tutors is set based on the depth of his or her experience and educational background. We offer the absolute highest value of tutoring available at each price point.


Homework Help.

D students usually become A or B students, and B students often become the top performers in their class!

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Test Prep.

We improve ACT Math scores by an average of 5.5 points, and similarly for the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, GRE and others!

Most of our students get 800s on the SAT Math Subject test and 80% get 5s on AP Calculus and Statistics!

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Math Competitions.

Every year, many of our students qualify for MATHCOUNTS State and Nationals and the AIME and USA(J)MO. We offer one-on-one tutoring and affordable group contest classes online and in-person.

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