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If you are looking for the absolute highest quality of math homework help, test prep, or contest training, you’ve come to the right place! We offer all of our services both in person and online to help you master any subject in 7-12+ math. We provide math homework help, math test prep for the ACT, SAT, AP Calculus and Statistics and more, and training for competitions such as the AMCs and MATHCOUNTS.


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• Igor Konfisakhar, the founder and president of Solve It! is the most deeply skilled and experienced math tutor in St. Louis.

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Solve It! employs by far the most highly qualified and meticulously trained math tutors in St. Louis.

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• We employ a variety of innovative methods to help each student master the absolute most material in the least amount of time.

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• We provide our clients with the highest levels of convenience, fun, and luxury.

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• Our pricing structure is competitive and completely transparent.

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Ready for the highest quality of math tutoring?


Homework Help.

D students usually become A or B students, and B students often become among the top performers in their class!

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Test Prep.

We improve ACT Math scores by an average of 5 points, and similarly for the SAT, Subject Tests, GRE and others!

Most of our students get 800s on the Math Subject test, and 80% get 5s on AP Calculus and Statistics!

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Math Competitions.

Every year many of our students qualify for the MATHCOUNTS State and Nationals,and the USA(J)MO. We offer both one-on-one tutoring and affordable group contest classes online and in-person.

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