Math Homework Help

At Solve It!, we produce the best, most long-lasting results for students.


• We focus on deep intuitive understanding of the material, rather than pure memorization. Because of our teaching philosophy, we have found that the longer students work with us, the stronger their foundation in math becomes, and so their results only get better with time.

• Students are encouraged to be self-sufficient because we know that they have to also put in their own time and effort to master the material if they want consistent, lasting success.

• Just as coal is transformed into a diamond when put under tremendous pressure for a long period of time, so has Igor's teaching methods.

• Igor has tutored 1150+ students, often under high-pressure to produce dramatic increases of knowledge in short periods of time. All the while, Igor has been meticulously developing and tirelessly perfecting his best practice teaching methods. As a result, the teaching methods Igor uses today are like nothing you've ever seen before!

For example, Igor noticed one Sunday that six of his first seven students had skipped at least one grade in math in the last six months because of the work they had done together.

How do we do this?

• We provide comprehensive textbook-based curricula for students, so that they are ready to accelerate to the next year in school math with no gaps in their prerequisite knowledge.

• We offer complete supplementary curricula for gifted math students. Because of Igor's years of experience coaching students for math competitions, he has developed his own intensive "math on steroids" curricula (banned from the Math Olympics). A natural result is that our students easily get A+'s in their school math classes, get perfect scores on all of their standardized math tests, and more often than not, skip many grades.

None of our students have ever skipped a grade and regretted it!