Algebra 1

At Solve It!, we produce the best, most long-lasting results for algebra students.

• We focus on deep intuitive understanding of the material, rather than pure memorization. Because of our teaching philosophy, we have found that the longer students work with us, the stronger their foundation in math becomes, and so their results only get better with time.

• The problem with most algebra classes is that they usually teach you a memorization-based approach to solving each different type of algebra problem. For example, Igor once had a student who had learned how to solve x + 2 = 4. Outraged, he came to Igor with the problem 2 + x = 4, exclaiming "Our teacher never taught us how to do this!" Our solution is to develop a deep intuitive understanding of what each algebra concept really means. As a result, students naturally come up with and remember all of the rules on their own, and can also produce creative solutions to new problems.

• To prevent scenarios such as above, we teach that an equation is really just a scale which must remain balanced. As long as we do the same thing to the weights on both sides of the scale, it will not tip. Thus, the goal is to use any legal means necessary to get the unknown weight (the variable) by itself on one side of the scale and a number on the other side, thereby solving the equation. This one rule allows our students to derive all of the other techniques on their own. To illustrate, 2 + x = 4 means that 2 pounds plus an unknown weight weighs the same amount as 4 pounds. Now if we remove 2 pounds from both sides of the scale, the scale will remain balanced, and we will know that the mystery weight is 2 pounds.

• We encourage students to be self-sufficient and teach good study habits because we know that they have to also put in their own time and effort to master the material if they want consistent, lasting success.

• Just as coal is transformed into diamonds when put under tremendous pressure for long periods of time, so have Igor's teaching methods evolved to perfection over the last 15 years.

• We use a simple but highly effective note-taking system.Each student has a notebook containing a "problems section" and a "concepts section."We write detailed notes on every instructive problem that the student struggled on in the "problems section." For every concept which the student is weak in, we write detailed notes deriving that concept and providing the necessary examples for the student to master it in the "concepts section." It is always the student's responsibility to re-solve from scratch all of the problems in the "problems section" and re-derive/re-solve all of the concepts and examples in the "concepts section" as many times as necessary until he or she has developed a deep intuitive understanding of the material. In this way, our tutors only need to explain each problem type or concept once, which saves parents lots of money and teaches students a lot more material per tutoring hour. This organizational system is especially useful because it efficiently fills in gaps in students' knowledge. The points that they had been losing in their classes because of these gaps all of their lives will never be lost again!

• Igor has tutored 1150+ students, often under high-pressure to produce dramatic increases in knowledge in short periods of time.All the while, Igor has been meticulously developing and tirelessly perfecting his best practice teaching methods. As a result, the teaching methods our tutors uses today are like nothing you've ever seen before! See our amazing teaching methods for yourself in the demo video below!

• We provide a comprehensive textbook-based curriculum for students, so that they are ready to accelerate to the next year in school math with no gaps in their prerequisite knowledge.

• We offer complete supplementary curricula for gifted math students.Because of Igor's years of experience coaching students for math competitions, he has developed his own intensive "math on steroids" curricula (banned from the Math Olympics). A natural result is that our students easily get A+'s in their school math classes, receive perfect scores on all of their standardized math tests, and more often than not, skip grades.

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