Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

At Solve It!, we produce the best, most long-lasting results for physics, chemistry, and biology students.

• We focus on deep intuitive understanding of the material, rather than pure memorization. Because of our teaching philosophy, we have found that the longer students work with us, the stronger their foundation in math becomes, and so their results only get better with time.

• Because of our process of recruiting serious, top-level math tutors from various backgrounds, we have naturally ended up hiring tutors with graduate degrees in the sciences and years of experience teaching these subjects at the high school and college levels, as well as for companies such as the Princeton Review. (Visit Our Team page to learn more about some of our impressive tutors!) As many of our students have requested additional tutoring in physics, chemistry, and biology, including the AP exams and SAT subject tests, it is only natural for us to offer tutoring in these courses as well. Our highly capable tutors teach each topic in an intuitive manner so that our students have a complete, holistic understanding of the material.

• We encourage students to be self-sufficient and teach good study habits because we know that they have to also put in their own time and effort to master the material if they want consistent, lasting success.



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