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At Solve It!, we produce the best, most improved ACT math test results for our students.

• Drastically different ACT preparation strategy from other test prep companies like The Princeton Review. Rather than solely teaching tips and tricks, which can improve scores only moderately, we focus on teaching a deep, intuitive understanding of the material, which is the only way to profoundly improve students' scores. Here's how we do it:

• We've selected a rigorous ACT math workbook that contain all of the conceptual material that students need to master in order to succeed on the exam. Each student learns as much of this material as possible on his/her own, and the tutor then meets with the student to ensure that he/she develops a rock-solid understanding of each individual topic.  When we find that a student needs extra practice on a particular topic, we also assign some of our 91 custom-made problem sets, inspired by carefully analyzing numerous official ACT Math tests.

• Additionally, students meticulously complete many practice exams. We provide 50+ official ACT exams to students. The ACT is basically written from a template. If a student is able to reverse-engineer this template and master all of the problem types on it (which is why we use only official exams), he/she is virtually guaranteed a great score. We expect each student to literally understand every problem on every exam so well that he/she could clearly explain it to another student, as well as solve any problem of a similar type in the future.

• We teach the material with incredible efficiency. Because of Igor's 1150+ students of experience, he has ever-perfected his uniquely efficient best-practice teaching methods. These methods are especially useful for ACT test prep, because unlike any other test prep service, they allow us to quickly and permanently strengthen students' foundations in math. As a result, our ACT Math students master by far the largest amount of math that they have ever learned in such a short amount of time.

• We greatly improve ACT math scores, helping our students shine on their state school applications, and even helping them compete effectively against other Ivy League-level applicants.

• There exist many scholarships partially or wholly based on high ACT scores offered directly by schools or offered by the government, such as the $3,000 per year Bright Flight scholarship given out by the Missouri Department of Higher Education.

For example, with Igor's help, John from Saint Louis University High School raised his ACT math score by 8 points, and as a result, won the $10,000 per year Mizzou Scholars Award.

• Our ACT curriculum helps students permanently strengthen their mathematical foundations. More than this, our ACT math students usually find themselves performing dramatically better in their math and even science classes because of their enhanced core math skills. Our ACT curriculum often acts as a gateway drug, leading students to develop a serious math addiction!

For example, Matthew from Priory high school was originally in the Honors track in his school. However, he nearly failed his math class, and ended up dropping down to the regular track, destroying his confidence. Matthew then contacted us for ACT math tutoring with a starting score of 27. As a result of our work together, he regained his confidence, and not only did he raise his score by 7 points to a 34, but he also started acing his school math class. In fact, he became so motivated that he decided to spend the summer learning all of pre-calculus with Igor so that he could skip a grade and return to the honors track at school!



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